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How accurate is the Vehicle Logic licence plate lookup?

We cross reference every single search we conduct. Our Licence Plate Number lookups are one to one rather than one to many. These double verified results mean our details contain exact make and model of car rather than just generalised vehicle range.

How can Lookup be implemented?

Vehicle Logic Lookup is typically used on your website as a customer-facing tool that assists your users in accurately finding products that are compatible with their vehicles such as tyres or aftermarket wheels. Lookup is an added optional search function within Selectors.

What else can Lookup do?

Lookup is able to not only confirm vehicle make and model but results can be drilled down to series or trim level, including original and optional tyre sizes as well as OE wheel options.

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Licence plate search helps your business optimise costs and improve your customer experience. You're just one click away from finding out how.