Our Story.

Seventeen years ago we set out with a mission - 'To liberate the motor industry from overly complex, error ridden, product information'. That desire - to simplify confusing, mistake prone data - continues to drive us to this day.

Vehicle Logic

84% of the tyre industry choose Vehicle Logic

Integrating with the world's leading tyre manufacturers helped us develop a finely tuned sense of when to press the launch button on new initiatives. Close collaboration means meticulous insight at reduced cost.

A special breed of awesomeness

Beige is a colour we don’t recognise at Vehicle Logic. We strive to be vivid in every integration we make and in every platform we develop.

Our journey became a quest

At every turn we’ve been focused on improving the tools that help you increase market share.


The five things that drive us

Vehicle Logic

Leadership Team

Driven by logic. Powered by people.

Chris Podesta portrait

Chris Podesta

Co-founder, CEO

Leeson Moulton portrait

Leeson Moulton

Co-founder, Director

James Stockings portrait

James Stockings

Head of Product Data Management

Josh Metcalf portrait

Josh Metcalf

Head of Vehicle Data Management

Alister Birtles portrait

Alister Birtles

Technical Manager

Jerome Phelps portrait

Jerome Phelps

Senior Software Engineer

Isuru Dissanayaka portrait

Isuru Dissanayaka

Software Engineer

It's logical to want more.

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